The Rising Cost of Solar Paid Ads: A Reality Check for Installers


In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, the solar industry finds itself at a crossroads. 

As solar installers, you’ve likely dabbled in various lead generation strategies, with paid advertising often considered a surefire way to capture potential customers’ attention. 

However, the landscape is shifting, and the costs are soaring. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of paid advertising, explore the financial realities it presents, and discover why a strategic shift towards SEO might be the sustainable path forward.

The Financial Strain on Solar Installers

The Escalating Costs of Paid Advertising

Paid advertising, once hailed as the ‘go-to’ strategy for solar installers, has become increasingly expensive.

The keyword “solar panel installation” garners an astounding 9,900 monthly searches, making it a coveted term among installers. However, this keyword’s cost per click (CPC) can soar as high as £15.41.

But here’s the kicker: that  CPC is for the majority of companies unable to get that elusive 10/10 quality score. When doing keyword research, it is always important to consider the prices shown. You’ll be paying the higher end. Trust me on this one. 

Let’s zoom in on local searches. “Solar panel installer near me” and “solar installers near me” are phrases that resonate with customers seeking solar solutions close to their homes or businesses. 

These keywords attract 5,400 and 2,900 monthly searches, respectively, but their CPCs can reach as high as £18.27 and £16.37, respectively, for those aiming to secure prime positions.

‘Last year we were getting leads at £60, now we’re paying above £250.’

The Hidden Costs of Paid Advertising

More Than CPC

Paid advertising isn’t just about CPC; it’s an intricate ecosystem with costs lurking in the shadows. 

To create high-converting campaigns, businesses need captivating landing pages designed to entice visitors into taking action.

These landing pages must look fantastic and be optimised for search engines (SEO) to ensure a high-quality score. 

Achieving this level of quality demands a professional team comprising web designers, SEO experts, and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) specialists. These professionals craft landing pages that resonate with your audience and meet the stringent standards of search engines and ad platforms.

‘I’ve been burned for over £2000, with nothing to show for it.’

Table: Taken from the paid ads ecosystem on the 7th September 2023. 

Google Ads Prices For High-Intent Keywords.

*Realistic CPC: Considering most businesses pay a higher amount for CPC.

Striking the Balance: Long-Term Thinking   in Solar Marketing

As we map our journey forward, we must consider both the financial investment and the click-to-conversion ratio. 

The statistics highlight the escalating costs of paid advertising, making every click a substantial financial commitment. 

But what if every click could be an investment in something more sustainable?

With SEO as the alternative strategy, solar installers can transform those paid clicks into the building blocks of long-term growth.

Rather than a fleeting interaction, each click becomes a stepping stone towards organic visibility. 

By targeting high-value keywords organically, your solar business can gradually climb search engine rankings and secure prominent positions.

Once you’ve claimed that spot, you don’t repeatedly pay for it, unlike paid advertising.

Moreover, you’re constructing a solid foundation for organic growth by creating dedicated landing pages for these keywords. 

These pages are designed to resonate with your audience and cater to their specific needs, ensuring they rank well and drive organic traffic.

But here’s the strategic brilliance: As you build these organic pages, you’re simultaneously prepared for the eventual return to normalcy in the paid ads landscape. When the costs of paid advertising ease, you’ll have optimally crafted landing pages at your disposal, ready to complement your paid campaigns seamlessly.

The shift towards a more sustainable SEO strategy isn’t just about reducing immediate costs – it’s about building a resilient online presence that pays dividends for years.

Investing strategically in SEO allows solar installers to find the balance between short-term results and long-term sustainability in the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape.

‘The lead quality has been poor, but the investment has been sizable. Paid ads isn’t what it once was.’


By outlining the hidden costs associated with paid advertising, this article emphasises the need for solar installers to carefully assess their marketing strategies’ financial implications and long-term sustainability.

Considering the ever-increasing costs of paid advertising, it’s time to strike a balance between immediate gains and long-term growth.

Get in touch with me to discuss your marketing strategies moving forward, and how we can position your business ready for a busy Q4 and beyond.

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