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“With the help of James & Harry, our business now has a 274kw system which has reduced our annual energy bill by 47.2%. They made the process from my initial enquiry smooth. I left my details and within 5 minutes we was on a call discussing options”.

At Growth Panel, we’ve partnered with the largest and best PPA funders to ensure that rooftops in the UK use solar as an asset to both their business's operational costs, and their green credentials. Hitting Net-zero & ESG targets has never been so easy.

84% Of Businesses Are Spending Over 27pkw, Are You One Of Them?
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Let me Ask You 3 Simple Questions. 

If the answer to those questions are no, then let me help you change that. My guarantee to you is I’ll drop your energy bills, help you meet net-zero targets all stress-free.

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The Benefits Of A Solar PPA

  1. Lower your electricity costs by up to 30% with reduced grid energy consumption.
  2. Secure predictable power costs by shielding your business from fluctuating market prices.
  3. Power your organisation with 100% renewable energy and no greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. Gain budget stability through accurate forecasting of operating expenses.
  5. Monetise underused assets by installing large-scale Solar on ground or roof space.

There is no excuse not to have solar under a power purchase agreement. 

You're Working With The Best PPA Solar Consultants

With over 20+ years combined experience, we’re here to help you put solar into your businesses plans. With the best accreditations & installers, you can rest assured that your project is in the right hands.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Boost your businesses cash-flow by smartly using your roof. Immediate financial savings have never been so easy. 

Accurately Forecast Energy Expenses

Increase Bottom-line efficiency & profitability

From the moment the solar is installed your profitability increases. 

Drop Your Businesses Energy Expenses By Up To 56%

Increased rentability attractiveness

Roofs with solar installed are more attractive. 

Never Not Have Your Building Leased

Corporate Social Responsibility

Take important steps towards meeting the UK Governments targets. 

84% Of Businesses Are Spending Over 0.27pkw

Get ahead of competitors and reinvest saved capital into other areas.


Risk-Free Solar PPA Quotes For All Businesses

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Why work with Growth Panel?

Growth Panel are the leading experts with helping corporate companies implement Solar PPA’s into their business. We make the process simple from the start. Our knowledge of both the solar market, and the UK’s Governmental plans, we help companies get ahead of the curve.

Unlike traditional companies, we provide you with the expertise you need to make the right decision. Our consultancy role means our goal is to provide you with the best business solution.

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Want Guaranteed Cheaper Energy Bills?

Join 1000s Of Businesses Benefiting From Solar PPA