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ROI-Drive Search Engine Optimisation

Imagine your business ranking at the top of search results for ‘Solar Panel Installer London”. 

With the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we can make that happen for you. 

When you search for you business, followed by your primary service location, you should show up.

It’s not just about using the right words; it’s about ensuring your brand connects with the right people when needed.

The benefit are more people seeing your site, more trust in your brand, and more traffic on site. 

Watch your website’s visitors grow, leaving your competitors falling in the search results. 

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Get a team of certified search engine specialists: Our team comprises certified search engine specialists with at least 5 years’ experience managing various solar SEO campaigns.

Strategy and Implementation: We work closely with you to create the perfect combination of strategy and implementation.

Rank Higher: Our goal is to help you rank higher on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Attract Organic Visitors: By optimizing your website, we attract more organic visitors who are actively seeking your products or services.

Generate More Leads: Our strategies are geared towards generating more leads for your business.

Increase Sales: Ultimately, our SEO efforts translate into increased sales for your company.

How our SEO Framework for solar can grow your business.

Picture your business as a shining star in the digital universe. With the power of search engine optimization (SEO), you can make that star burn brighter. SEO catapults your website to the forefront of search results, attracting visitors who are actively seeking what you offer. It’s more than just keywords – it’s about connecting your brand with the right audience at the right moment.

Benefit from increased visibility, credibility, and targeted reach. Watch your website traffic surge as you outshine competitors and enhance user experience. SEO is your strategic partner for long-term success, delivering valuable insights and a global or local reach, depending on your goals.

Certified Search Engine Specialists

Get a team of certified search engine specialists who have a minimum of 2 years’ experience managing various SEO campaigns locally. We help you create the perfect combination of strategy and implementation to help you rank higher on Google, Bing, and other search engines, attract more organic visitors, generate more leads, and increase your sales.

what you get

What is included in our search engine optimisation service?

When you partner with Growth Panel, we will help boost your website’s visibility, traffic, and conversions. These services are designed to optimise your website and boost your ranking, including:

Creating Success

Our SEO framework has been tried and tested on companies just like yours

Match search intent at every touchpoint

Picking the right keywords will only get you so far. We understand how to match the search intent of your target keywords with informative and relevant website copy, CTAs, and landing pages that turn clicks into ROI.

Experienced SEO Campaign Management:

How do you know what works if you’ve never gotten results before? Our SEO experts have years of experience managing successful campaigns in a variety of industries. And we have the happy clients to back it up.

Dedicated Marketing Agency:

Growth Panel, are the only marketing agency dedicated to the solar niche. Working with us means you’ve got access to over 234k in data. We’ve made mistakes, so you don’t have to.

“We’ve ranked in great positions through our SEO efforts. Brining in leads has become less of a burden now we’re ranking for high-intent terms.”

Ronnie Slade
Solar Panel Installers.

5000+ Client reviews

The proof is in the numbers

Why Organic SEO can bring in the numbers


of growth rate in brand awareness for businesses that start doing Solar Marketing


of all website traffic is generated via organic search, serving as proof that a dependence on Paid Ads alone limits your potential for more traffic and leads.


more clicks is generated via organic searches than paid searches. In short, being on page one of the SERPs is an important goal for any business looking to win more traffic.


FAQs about paid search management

Looking to learn more about paid search management for your business? Browse our FAQs:

Getting customers for solar energy can be challenging, but not impossible. There are many ways you can market your solar energy products and services to potential customers, such as:

  • Creating a professional and attractive website that showcases your solar energy solutions, benefits, and testimonials.
  • Doing keyword research and content marketing to rank higher on Google and other search engines for keywords related to solar energy.
  • Building backlinks from other websites that are relevant and authoritative in the solar energy industry.
  • Increasing your brand awareness and visibility on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more.
  • Getting positive reviews and ratings from your customers on your website or on third-party platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, or Trustpilot.
  • Participating in events related to the solar energy industry or niche.


Marketing for a solar company can be a challenging but rewarding task. Solar energy is a growing and competitive industry that requires a lot of creativity and strategy to stand out from the crowd.

You need to know who your ideal customers are, what their needs, preferences, and pain points are, and how your solar products and services can solve their problems and add value to their lives. You also need to differentiate yourself from your competitors and communicate your unique selling proposition (USP) to your potential customers.How can I increase my solar sales?

Yes, there is a market for solar energy. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the global solar market grew by 18% in 2020, despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The IEA also projects that solar energy will become the largest source of electricity generation by 2025.

There are many ways you can promote your solar company and reach more potential customers, such as: creating a professional website, doing keyword research and content marketing strategies to rank higher on Google and other search engines, building backlinks from relevant and authoritative websites in the solar industry, increasing brand awareness in social media platforms, getting positive and ratings from your customers and participating in events related to the solar industry or niche.

Drive more revenue for your company